I’m Back!

I know I completely disappeared for like half a year, but you guys, I had a really good reason. You see, between my day job at the office and my night job as a wife and mother to 3 very needy dogs, I started a business! As terrifying as it is and as self-counscious and insecure that I sometimes feel, I’m now posing as a photographer and I would be so grateful for your support. For everyone that followed me at The Lonely Wife Project, thank you and welcome to the Sabra Lattos project. I would be honored if you continued to follow me on this crazy endeavor.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Erika Brechtel from Small Shop who is the mastermind behind my brand!

Big ass XXs and OOs!



  1. Kecia

    Yay! Not only are you back, you have a fab new venture and site! Everything looks amazing and excited for you for your new photography business! Congratulations!


  2. Just discovered your blog thanks to Erika and I love it!!!
    So beautiful and I love your photos ♥

    • slphoto

      Thank you!

  3. Alena

    Congrats lady!!! What exciting news!!! Of course, I’ll be following you on here and drooling over your images :)

  4. I have been waiting for this day! I’ve been so lonely without you but I just knew this is what you have been up to. Just knew it.! Also had a feeling that Erika would be involved after I saw peeks of you shooting her daughters room. Sneaky tramps!!!!! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to live vicariously through you! XO

    • slphoto

      I’m proud of you tramp! And thank you!

  5. Congrats Sabra, your work is fantastic and I’m so incredibly happy for you and this new venture!

    Hugs xo

  6. OMG OMG!! Huge congratulations! Girl, I am so blown away by our portfolio. GORGEOUS work!!!

    • slphoto

      Thank you!

  7. mini

    Yayyyyy missed you here! Back with a vengeance! <3

  8. Lisa

    Congratulations! Your photos are A-mazing!!! I can’t wait to be inspired by your beautiful work.

  9. lily

    So exciting! Congratulations on the website…it is SO gorgeous and your photos are seriously stunning. Love love love!

    XO Lily

  10. Mary

    Oh, congratulations! So excited you’re started a new adventure and back to blogging!

    • Mary

      Geez…that’s a horrible sentence…should say…excited you’ve started a new adventure and are back to blogging!

  11. Wow! So happy for you, and love the new site! Looking GREAT.

    I would love to feature your photos, shoot me an email!


  12. Yeah, good to have you back. No joke. Love the site. Simple and clean. Love your logo too. So chic. And your photos! Impressive stuff.

    Huge congrats on your new biz.

  13. This is awesome!! Congrats. Oh my, you learned photography so fast. I remember when you learned the manual setting not so long ago (I still haven’t mastered it, ugh) Please have a workshop :-) Now that would be FUN!!! XoXo

    • slphoto

      Thank you! And good suggestion!

  14. Sofie W

    Congratulations – on the business and on the new blog! I was a big fan of your old blog – so awesome. I hope your new blog will be just as good.
    Best of luck.


  15. Belen

    Incredible S!! Just INCREDIBLE! The site looks amazing and i am so happy and proud of you!!!