That Time I Went To Europe

I recognize that it’s mid-June and I’m about to post vacation photos from Nov. 2012 but I needed half-a-year to recover from that trip. It. Was. So. Fun. We spent a few glorious days in Paris eating food that I’m still craving and drinking more wine than I do in California (a lot). Next we took a train to Reims where my BFF got married in the most gorgeous chateau wearing not one, but two insane dresses (Lhuillier and Lanvin). We stayed up way too late each night drinking more champagne than I do in California (a lot). By the time the wedding was over, my immune system was shot. Plus it was winter and pretty cold and rainy, but when you’re in a land that literally looks like a fairytale nothing can get you down.

We spent the second half of our trip in Spain, specifically Barcelona and San Sebastian. Gaudi stole my heart and San Sebastian is quite possibly my favorite place ever. Last time I was in Europe, we were broke college students. This time, the Husband and I ate and drank like royalty and San Sebastian was the ideal place to do it. Before heading back to Paris to fly home, we took a day trip to Biarritz, a small beach town on the border of France and Spain. The town was picturesque.  In fact, all of Europe is picturesque, which made taking pictures really easy. See proof below.

Tourist in Paris IMG_1811 IMG_1799 IMG_1748 IMG_1687 IMG_1899 IMG_1913 IMG_1919 IMG_2064IMG_2302 IMG_2084 IMG_2008IMG_2349IMG_2452 IMG_2509 IMG_2587IMG_2483 IMG_2595 Biarritz, France

Most photos by me, unless they’re of me, in which case The Husband took them. See more here.


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