I’m Back!

I know I completely disappeared for like half a year, but you guys, I had a really good reason. You see, between my day job at the office and my night job as a wife and mother to 3 very needy dogs, I started a business! As terrifying as it is and as self-counscious and insecure that I sometimes feel, I’m now posing as a photographer and I would be so grateful for your support. For everyone that followed me at The Lonely Wife Project, thank you and welcome to the Sabra Lattos project. I would be honored if you continued to follow me on this crazy endeavor.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Erika Brechtel from Small Shop who is the mastermind behind my brand!

Big ass XXs and OOs!




Paris je t’aime

I’m back and fuzzy in the brain! Our trip was magical. Being in Paris with your best friends when you’re not starving college students really is an incredible experience. Now I don’t want to take a vacation without my friends in tow. The Husband is thrilled about that.

I took an obscene amount of photos that I haven’t sifted through yet, so for now here are some iPhone shots of our days in Paris!






Au Revoir and Adios

That’s goodbye in French and Spanish because I’m going to France and Spain remember? Follow me on Instagram if you want to watch me drink a lot of wine.



I’m leaving for Europe in two weeks (I realize how ridiculously pretentious that sounds) and so me not blogging on the reg is to prepare you for my absence (even more pretentious I know). But I am so incredibly busy planning my outfits and buying mini shampoo and conditioner that blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Just kidding you guys. My days are spent fulfilling my corporate duties and now that The Husband is home every night, we cook dinner together and actually have in depth conversations about stuff. I’ve also been hard at work on my secret project and catching up on Homeland. Oh and this is the first weekend I’ll be at home in weeks so I look forward to planning my outfits for Europe 😉

Happy Friday!